Getting Funding

If you are seeking funding for a project, this section is for you. Submit a brief overview of your project for consideration by the CSM Review Panel. Once approved and recommended for funding to one of our donor partners, you will be required to provide more detailed project information to the funding agency.

We look forward to bold and articulate ideas that we can help you to realize. Where soliciting funding for your project cannot be realized, we will endeavor to match you with other organizations or stakeholder groups undertaking similar projects. In this way, we can foster collaboration and facilitate alternative means of resource mobilization amongst and between stakeholder groups.

Contact Person

Contact information is essential in case we have questions about your application.

Areas of Interest for Partnership


By submitting this form, I accept that information may be shared with partners and donors who are seeking to engage experts, researchers, or organisations in work on conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, and peace-building.