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The effect of an idea is nuanced by the social context in which it is applied. We welcome new, bold ideas, & are eager to engage with you on how to effectively see them to fruition. If you need to develop an idea into a formal proposal, or to refine an existing proposal for purposes of soliciting funds from donor agencies, you should apply here.

Alongside our government partners, we wish to develop every good idea and proposal for the benefit of Kenyans. Where our resources cannot accommodate the number of good ideas, we will match organizations that complement each other, or present your ideas to donors who may be interested in discussing the proposal further with you.


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Contact information is essential in case we have questions about your application.

Areas of Interest for Partnership


By submitting this form, I accept that information may be shared with partners and donors who are seeking to engage experts, researchers, or organisations in work on conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, and peace-building.